Opening hours [times

Takeaway, delivery & collection 7 days a week
Delivery: 17.00 to 22.30, last order cut off time at 22.00
Collection: 17.00 to 23.00 last order cut off 22.30

Dine-in: 7 days a week
Lunch: 12.00 to 14.00 last order cut off – 13.00
Except for Friday brunch: 10.30 to 12. 30 last order cut off 12.00
Dinner: 17.00 to 23.00 – last order cut off: 22.00


All major bank cards, Samsung pay, apple pay, G Pay and cash accepted.
* Online ordering starts soon *

Delivery & collection – takeaway order.

Please call: 020 7254 5888 / 020 7254 0661 / 020 7254 6854

Payment by bank card, samsung pay ,apple pay,gGpay our delivery driver accept payment on the doorstep. we do not accept payment over the phone safer way to pay driver carry  card payment terminal if paying by card or smartphone  and  smartwatch pay.

Reservation  : please call ; 020 7254 6854

Beware of  G M [genetically modified – foods & products]

Quality assurance :  WE DO NOT USE G M -Foods or Products ]

Quality assurance: Shortage of sunflower oil some of the time may use vegetable oil may contain g.m. we use pure almond oil,pure olive oil,pure mustard oil .

Quality assurance:   our ingredients class AAA  graded .

Quality assurance:  Artificial food colours may  harm  maybe health risk if it  isn’t use correctly Indian foods naturally taste better and safer,we do avoid artificial colouring we use various natrural spices  I.E. Saffron spices and others.

i.e.   Rice ,flour,oils ,,  our prime  lamb & paultry freshly supplied from  local source  traceable,  our fresh vegetables local source traceable,our seafoods freshly frozen traceable.

for over three  decades  guardedly  our chef and his team  not changed   has been  cooking and serving the finest home cooking authentic  foods to loyal customer ,our service team has not changed for two and half decades.

we really  appriciate loyalty of our customer.


Allergen  guidence:

we do not use peanuts.

Beware of Almonds &  Coconuts.

our  mild speciality dishes contains Almond & Coconuts,  Korma [Mild] dishes contains Coconuts.

Delivery order please allow minimum half an hour, peak time may take longer, please ask while placing the order, thank you.

Pickup :  recommended and quick -Congested road  traffic and  many road closure delivery may take longer Friday & Saturday between 17.30 hrs to 20.00 hrs  busy period please allow longer time for delivery,pickup quick  appreciatively.

Delivery: 2 Kilometre radius Circle of the restaurant a  minimum value to £17.95 and over delivery charge Nil [if under £4.95  delivery charge.

Delivery: 3 Kilometre radius circle of the restaurant  a minimum value to £26.95 and over delivery charge Nil [ if under £5.95 delivery charge.

Delivery: Tottenham N17 and N15 Tottenham North -Friday and Saturday-due to congested road traffic  may take bit longer to deliver but we’re happy to deliver.

Annual closed days: Christmas, Boxing & Eid days.

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